Here’s the thing….this isn’t a stretch! Because how old was Kylie when you were courting her…16 ish. So here’s the story according to TMZ. wp_ss_20160104_0001.jpg

Now allegedly there is an unidentified underage model who Tyga was caught creeping and texting and apparently her mother is NOT HAPPY! (Unlike Kris) Anywho she hired this woman here to the left, a Misses. Gloria Allred who is messier than I could ever be and she is allegedly gonna put this story on BLAST THIS AFTERNOON!! Now if your thinking like I was, that name Gloria Allred sounds familiar…allow me to refresh your memory. She not only is currently has her hands in the case against Bill Cosby but she has also handled Britney Spears, Mel B, she was a representative for family of Nicole Simpson in the OJ Simpson case so the girl knows her law and she is gonna stop at nothing to get some tea for us!

Now according to TMZ, Kylie was the one who actually busted Tyga doing the cheat-ation. No word on exactly how messy boots got her hand on the case but I’m pretty sure her mama had something to do with it! (as she should unlike Kris)

But there is supposed to be a press conference this afternoon so I’ll be on the look out for it and when I catch it, you know I’ll be there for ya’ll with my tea pot ready to pour!


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