Justin Bieber new Boo + Shady Song Lyrics

I’m just one, glad that Justin Bieber is back to being the guy we knew he was in the first place and not that hood booger he was pretending to be. Just had to get that off my chest! Anyway I TOLD YALL A LONG TIME AGO THAT JUSTIN WAS DATING THAT GIRL! Hailey Baldwin is her name I of course you know I pulled her card!


She’s a model, she’s cute. 19 years old so she’s in good age range for Justin. And i couldn’t find a spot of dirt on her! She was romantically linked to that little boy bands Luke Hemmings but she shut those rumors down immediately after. Other than that, I have nothing on this girl! SO I APPROVE!

“Jailey” is what the Beliebers are calling these two. But of course I have to bring up something I discovered while listening to Justin’s new album “Purpose” in stores NOW!

So there’s a song on the album called “Love Yourself.” Im sure you Beliebers know the song and if you don’t YOU HAVE TO GO CHECK IT OUT LIKE NOW! So it’s like an acoustic song and you know I love a guitar so I’m just vibing not really listening. to the lyrics. THEN THIS CATCHES MY EAR!!

For all the times that you rain on my parade
And all the clubs you get in using my name
You think you broke my heart, oh girl for goodness sake
You think I’m crying on my own, well I ain’t



And I didn’t wanna write a song
Cause I didn’t want anyone thinking I still care
I don’t but, you still hit my phone up
And baby I be movin’ on
And I think you should be somethin’
I don’t wanna hold back, maybe you should know that

Imagine me falling out of my chair, clutching my invisible pearls. I don’t care if he personally makes a statement saying that he’s not talking about his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez I BELIEVE AND KNOW THAT HE IS!!! Get into this next line for more proof!

And when you told me that you hated my friends
The only problem was with you and not them
And every time you told me my opinion was wrong
And tried to make me forget where I came from

Ya’ll remember when Justin wanted to be black and had them tacky YMCA or whatever the acronym was friends and the story broke that Selena had a problem with who Justin was kicking it with!!! *HOLLERING* But there’s one more that will make you drop to your knees honey!

My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone
And I never like to admit that I was wrong
And I’ve been so caught up in my job, didn’t see what’s going on
But now I know, I’m better sleeping on my own

He took them gloves off to get little Ms.Gomez 2 and gether! But I’m glad he and Hailey are being cute and hopefully he doesn’t mess this one up cause she’s a good catch Justin!


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