Just Lock Mr.Cosby Up! Wife Forced to Testify

Trust me, I don’t wanna see a legend go down let alone a black one but at this point I’m so exhausted trying to keep up with this circus! Mr.Cosby turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest last week and he was released on 10% of his 1M dollar bail! Now they about to drag Ms.Cosby into this foolery!

Now here’s the tea, I don’t know what she knows but this man was allegedly drugging, raping, consensual or not these women for the past 40+ years, ya’ll been married for 50 so that was since he was 28…allow me to do a little more math to find out exactly what he was doing in his career at this time…..


1969: Promotional studio portrait of American actor and comedian Bill Cosby adjusting his bow tie, from his television series, ‘The Bill Cosby Show’. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Ok so this was before he became BILL COSBY, he was just Bill Cosby back in 1968 but none the less I say all that to say this! These allegations go back as far as the 1960’s so I’m not saying that you know something but I not saying your clueless either. Anywho

They’re forcing Ms.Cosby to testify in a defamation lawsuit filed by seven of her husband accusers for sexually assaulting them decades ago. I don’t know what to think of this entire situation. Let’s just be frank and straight no chaser about it.

Mr.Cosby got more years behind him than he does ahead of him, shit him and his wife so for them to have to be pulled through the wringer like this is terrible. However, Bill….Mr.Cosby you dead ass wrong for wbillhat you did and a saying my grand mother would say, “you either gone pay at the front door or the back but you gone pay.” I guess he decided well i’ll just stay in the club until it closes so I won’t have to pay but the bouncers¬†came and got yo ass and now you gotta pay out the back!


Not making light of the situation because sexual assault, rape, all that are serious offenses and it’s sad to see someone as legendary as Bill Cosby going out like this but this is the bed you made. Leave a comment ya’ll i’m done!


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