Jaden Smith scores HUGE Louis Vuitton “Womens” Campaign

So….this is the story that has literally been breaking the internet for the past few hours. Now we all know Jaden Smith, Will and Jada son, is a little rainbow child. He and his sister are like floating around marching to the beat of their own drum in their heads and I admire that about them both. They’re non-conformist if you will and Jaden just cracked GOLD.

Now some of ya’ll old heads gone feel some kinda way when I show ya’ll these pictures but imma do it anyway so take a look and then we’ll talk! JADENYes that is Jaden in his new Louis Vuitton Womens ad campaign and I don’t give a good got damn. Fashion has become so universal, shit if I was his size I’d wear the shit too! ESPECIALLY if you gone pay me to wear it! I’ll wash it every damn day! TRY ME!

But anyway it’s sparking controversy because we’ll clearly he’s a man/boy….guy and he’s wearing women clothing. This is one of those “to each it’s own” situations. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this, the next man might. Here’s another photo!


Go head Jaden! Turn it! Him and his girls is going down to the club house honey in they Louis Vuitton! As previously stated, I have no problems with him and apparently, Mr. Michael Burke (CEO of Louis Vuitton) didn’t have a problem with it either. So my congratulation to Jaden and his girls as they tootsie roll on down to the club house!


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