Chris Brown “ALLEGEDLY” Punches Groupie in Las Vegas

I’m literally paying this story dust because after the research that I’ve done I believe that this woman is a liar and out for some coins. So lemme tell ya’ll what happened was!

So Chris had a party in Vegas, you know typical day of the week. Allegedly this woman Lizian Gutierrez who is INFAMOUS for showing up to places that she know damn well she wasn’t invited to but because somebody told her she was bad back in the day she thinks she can still pull those stunts.

She is claiming that she entered the party and tried snapping a photo of Chris. Shit went left and not only did he take her phone from her but then punched her in the eye! Now know this, at these A-List celebrity events, you can’t go in here selfie’n it up because of the profile at which you are now apart of. SHE being a “ROUND THE WAY GIRL” Should have known this and acted accordingly IF this at all went down!

Now here’s is why I believe she is lying. So Chris uploaded a video response to these allegation yesterday (which you know he deleted soon after) stating that this woman is ugly, calling her a bitch, and just made cause she couldnt get in and a whole bunch of other shit! So SHE decided to respond and that is where she fucked up!

In her response she constantly reminds us of Chris and his past, in regards to the whole Umbrella Girl situation that I don’t like to talk about because I’m over it. But that fact that she constantly made it clear of Chris sketchy past in regards to domestic violence makes me believe that she knows this is a story she could make it and it would be believable.

Now here’s some past dirt on this lady! There some tea on her being a little sketchy as well and spazzing out for not being allowed to party with singer Jason Derulo back in August! Now you can clearly see in this TMZ video that she is PISSED about not being let into the little van/truck situation! Get into to!

So all in all I have this to say. I don’t believe her! I think she is looking for a come up and Chris was an easy target. Call me crazy but this time, I believe he’s innocent! Let us know what you guys think below!


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