Love and Hip-Hop New York EPISODE REVIEWS (1&2)

Now I told ya’ll I didn’t want any parts of this damn season of #LHHNY but somehow I ended up watching the first two episodes (during laundry) and now i’m here to deliberate and things of that nature!

Before the reads get started make sure you check out our YouTube review below and leave a comment on what you guys think about the tomfoolery!

And now, lets get into it! Imma just use this cover photo as a reference and just follow me ok. So our top left character is our homegirl Ms.Chicken Noodle Soup! AND SHES ALL GROWN UP NOW! And lemme tell the two little chicken heads something that tried to discredit honey for her hit some, AT LEAST SHE HAS ONE!!! YA’LL TACKY TROLLOPS AINT GOT A POT TO PISS IN OR A WINDOW TO THROW IT OUT! So leave her alone! We love you Noodle!!!

Below Noodles is recurring fool Amina Buddafly, aka the Sister Wife to Tara, (far bottom right) and door mat to Peter Gunz also known as Peter Pan! Now Amina i spent all the first season you were here feeling sorry for you and the way stupid treated you, then the next season I was cheering for you cause you had the baby, left Peter dumb ass and got yo life; NOW YOU BACK (ALLEGEDLY) WITH THE FOOL and mad at ya sister wife for continuously sleeping with the ninja! And Tara you ought to be ashamed of yo damn self! How you gone call the kettle black! AT LEAST THE KETTLE GOT A RING ON! Which makes you the pot look worst than you could EVA make her look! And Peter you just stupid! That’s all for you three fools. Moving on!

PUT CHA RIGHT HAND UP PUT CHA LEFT HAND UP ITS WHATEVER WHATEVER!!! AYYYYEEEE REMY IS ON THE SHOW! Ya’ll know I love me some Remy Ma and I’m so glad to see her! Just not on this show…WAIT HOLD THE TOMATOES!!! I’ll tell you why! Her, Papoose, and them kids are cute!!!! And i mean CAYUTE!!! The whole family dynamic is cute. I don’t like cute on #LHH. I come her for gutta ratchet and sketchy! Here’s what you should do Mona, GIVE THEM THEIR OWN SHOW! Thats what they need to keep their family legacy untarnished and polished! But i love to see my girl Remy anyway I can!

*heavy sigh* WAAAAAAAYYYYY Below my girl Remy is a rap duo, BYOB! These chicken heads right here i tell you what! The one with the respectable colored hair is decent but that one with the purple crown royal bag on her head she has to go! When I tell you there is something about her attitude that I just didn’t like. Something very Bella Noche about her! But whatever, they’re gonna be bringing the drama so i’ll allow it for now.

On the right of Remy is our homegirl Yandy! HEY YANDY GIRL! You know I love Yandeece and wish them nothing but the best with the cards they’re being dealt this season. You know Mendeeces was sentenced to 8 years in the pen and Yandy gon have to do it again! She’s a rider so I have faith that she’ll get through this with them babies by her side! Let me move on before i get to crying!

Below Yandy is come girl that’s dating that DJ mad from Power 105 whose name escapes me…right now we don’t care much about her so imma just move on. (NO SHADE)

Now the next two women who are directly on Yandy right!!!! WHEN I SAY TACKY TACKY YACKY! Marialynn i think and Cardi D! Now Marilyn I can deal with but that Cardi D, when I tell you my IQ drops just listening to her speak! I can tell she aint gone be nothing but TROUBLE this season, but we like some trouble. Oh and Rah is here too (NO SHADE)

Make sure you guys check out Love and Hip Hop New York Mondays on VH1! I love you for reading!





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