I just hit a guard rail!

You know what! I am absolutely over automobiles! Like if i could find someone who makes lifetime bus passes SIGN ME THE FUCK UP! So im coming home from Walmart right, and i’m getting on the highway entrance ramp. It’s this big ass circle! So im driving doing the speed limit only because Flo from Progressive is watching me and my driving habits now. So i’m getting ready to yield into traffic out of the turn and this little puddle of still water takes my ass clean the fuck out into a guard rail!

I got Jeremy on the car phone like “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON”!!! My car did a full spin after hitting the rail and i ended up looking at on coming traffic! Im sitting in the car like SOAB! It’s always some shit! Thank God a good Samaritan saw the incident and helped me push Elizah to the side of the road where I could call for help! I am so over it!

When I say I need this time & a half cause I just want a new car! Granted it wasn’t Elizah fault, cause i “hydroplaned” but I just need something new anyway! She was a lemon when I brought her and im over it! Anywho, I’m annoyed and just wanted to let ya’ll know.

I love you for reading!!!




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