HEEEEEEYYYYYY YALL!!! I know don’t even slap me! It’s been a while and you miss me, YOU MISS MEEEEEE!!!! Well i miss you more and there is nothing more that I love to do than sit and kiki with yall about the foolery of pop culture. But I been busy getting these coins hunty! However, I have made a vow as apaprt of this new Library Year to be more proactive here on our blog and mkaing this into a much larger than life situation. But that’s all when I teach myself how to make it more fabulous and “Librarious”!

So until then I do have a few kikis for you guys! This year has been AMAZING! And when I say things began to happen in the last couple of months of the year for us and The Library so fast that I could hardly keep up! We signed with Broadband TV about 2 months ago and they’ve helped to give our Youtube a push into a whole new direction. And with that means, guess whose making more videos….THIS GUY! Here’s our most recent mess when we had to get Jennifer Hudson’s husband all the way together for trying to come for Adele honey!

Also along with the amazing partner with Broadband TV we launched The Library Gift Shop! Now lemme tell ya’ll something. Between me and you because ya’ll know me better than anybody. These prices are STEEP! And I’ll be the first to tell you that they are as low as I was allowed to make them! I’m getting 0% of the proceeds! That’s the sacrafice I was willing to make to get the prices are low as they are now. So if you wanna support the movement of The Library and what it is going to grow to be, here’s the link! Check it out and I love you for shopping!

And last but not least The Library is NOT CLOSED!!! I will say this, we are no longer associated in any way with Northcoast Underground and will be finding a way to get back on the air/web to bring you guys the show you fell in love with. Trust me all the hard work we put into that show and all the love and support you guys have shown will not go to waste! We’re thinking of starting a podcast (self taught again) so once we wrap our very fragile minds around thyat concept,we will be BACK WITH THE JUMP OFF!

But you know you can always find me on the web! All the links to my social media oulets are listed over there —>
So if don’t see me for a while and wanna know “in my Jennifer Hudson voice” WHERE YOU AT? I’m never too far. I love you guys for the love and support and I look forward to more mess in 2016!


Head Librarian


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