Steve Harvey…..Miss Universe WHOOPS

Now here’s the thing…what I’m not gonna do is beat this man while he’s down! However what I am gonna do is sit back and give yall the kiki on what went down at the Miss Universe Pageant last night! So here’s what I know becasue I wasn’t watching.

The Miss Universe Pageant was last night and the event was hosted by our home town homie Steve Harvey (CLEVELAND). So….i think it’s best if you just watch it and then we’ll talk lol.

I am so barassed for Uncle Steve but lemme give you guys a few extra details. Take a look at this cue card they gave him.


Now to his defense….even from just glancing at it and I know NOTHING about first runner up or second runner up; I see the winner is Columbia and second place is USA. Hell I thought that the event was hosted in the Philippines and that was just the little flag at the bottom of the card. But thats just from my quick observation. And i’m assuming his as well.

Now Steve, you been hosting shows and events and things of that nature for too damn long to be making mistakes like this! However this one was a good one because the memes running around on Twitter and IG right now are breaking my side!!! Check out a few below!

To Miss. Columbia, honey I am so sorry! The fact that they had to ask you to bow down so that woman could remove that crown from your head, and snatch them flowers back like you were just declined out of Neiman MARCUS!!! I felt so bad for her but look at it this way! You’ll forever go down as the half way pageant winner! Not to mention you got runner up so there has to be some kind of consolation prize.

Steve had apologized like thrity seven times, and since last night so I figured we will be over it by the end of the day anyway. But for now lets just all have a good laugh over it and move on!


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