#TGIT IS BACK #SCANDAL S5E1 REVIEW! “I’m Divorcing Yo Ass”

I BEEN GONE FOR A MINUTE NOW I’M BACK WITH THE JUMP OFF! GOONS IN THE CLUB CASE SOMETHING JUMP OFF! And when I say something is gone jump off down in Washington DC on this new season of Scandal!!! Shonda girl you gave me that ol infamous slow start and then  kicked my ass the final 2 minutes of the episode like you always do. Now lets get into this episode and let ya’ll know what i’m featuring and what I’m really not here for.

  • I don’t want Fitz and Liv together! And that’s just it is and has always been. I never seen it for this relationship and I always hoped that her and ummmm whats his name cause he wasn’t even on this episode but for a small eight count….JAKE!!! That’s it. I want them to be together but Shonda made it pretty clear in the first few seconds of the episode while while Olivia and Fitz was SOILING the presidential bed after he kicked Mellie ass out. Olivia you dead wrong! Have some decency if you gone sleep with a married man the LEAST that you can do is go to a Days Inn or something but not in the bed that he share with his WIFE!!! Anywho moving on!
  • Huck is crazy as a Mississippi road lizard on a hot summer day in July. That’s all!
  • Sally Langston you an old new fangled kinda trollop! Youza low down dirty old woman and Judge Judy always told me, you can’t win a case if you fight dirty! And you ma’am are as dirty as they come. Don’t forget that we know you killed yo husband cause you found out while you was in them million dollar meetings he was cheating. All up in the church he was creeping wit DA deacons! So since you decided to plaster Liv and Fitz marriage all over the WWW’s and the TV sets, I hope they spill yo teas!
  • Now this episode payed homage to the death of Princess Diana and her death. I loved the way Shonda writes and tells these stories in a modern time but when I saw that tunnel, that limousine and her dead body I instantly went back to Princess Diana. Now the Queen that had her killed, you a ruthless ol hag! I tell you what, yo son a better one than me cause I wudda been RKO’n yo ass down to the fune for killing my baby girl! But the plot of the episode was everything!
  • Now Fitz…..imma try and save this read for when we’re on the air but you a low down dirty snake. You gone divorce Mellie and then tell her in so many words, oh if you don’t sign, imma black mail that ass all up and down Virginia (where she is now senator). You as low as they come and that’s why I didn’t want Liv with you cause you trifflin good for nothing typa brotha! SHE’LL FIND ANOTHA! Where is that black man with the chest from last season?!

Anywho I’m here for this #TGIT is back and i’m stocking up on my red wine and long stem wine glasses cause this gone be a long season! I really can’t wait to see when this relationship between Liv and Fitz goes public and how they gone run here out of town like a scarlet in purple. Make sure you guys tune in to Scandal on ABC @ 9 PM as apart of the #TGIT line up!


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