Scream Queens is GOOD!!! S1E1 REVIEW




Now i remember tell ya’ll that I was not featuring this Scream Queen show. I just didn’t care. However after watching it on demand after Michele told me that it was legit, I’m here to report, THIS SHOW IS GOOD!!! Now lemme give ya’ll some premise because this is the first season and quite frankly i think because of the plot line, unless they treat this like Pretty Little Liars (which has been on since i was in high school still trying to figure out who the hell this girl is) I don’t think this show will have more than this season. (NO SHADE CAUSE I LOVE IT)

I love a good mystery and this show is nothing but a college mystery. So this sorority house….Kappa i believe has some dirty ass secrets going on and the keeper of the secrets is the HBIC of the Kappas whose name i forget. There is a killer on the loose killing folks left and right and basically from what imma assume, this season is gone be like playing Clue.

Now lemme tell ya’ll about all these people on this show. Because I have a problem with too many familiar people on a show that I know already. It’s just confusing for me. Now Ariana Grande is a character (who was killed in the first episode *irony* but maybe she’s not really dead because Nick Jonas was killed but it was a plot….idk lemme close this parentheses and move on) Ariana seemingly plays Cat from Victorious again. As i mention Nick Jonas is also on the show. My girl KeeKee Palmer!!! YAAAASSS giving hood valley girl teas! I love her. EMMA ROBERTS IS HER NAME!!!! It just came to me as I was typing lol she is the HBIC i was talking about up there. Lea Michele from Glee and my auntie Jamie Lee Curtis from my favorite movie Freaky Friday plays the dean of the college.

(Ok im back I just watched the preview for the new season of #RHOA in November and HUNTY ITS GONE BE GOOD but carry on)

All in all i’m featuring this Scream Queen show! I just wanna know who is doing all this killing down to the college campus! But thats gonna be the fun in this show. It’s very interactive (i need to get cable) so we can live tweet and try and guess who the killer is and compare notes and thing of that nature. Anywho check it on on Tuesday nights on Fox! I love you for readin!



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