Soooooooo, if ya’ll didn’t get your lives last night for the Empire Season 2 Premiere, you missed it! Now here the thing. No it wasn’t the season finale drama filled that most people were expecting but none the less I believe the episode was great! So lemme give you guys some whats had happened was.

  • Luscious is still in jail! However he my as well not be because he is still running shit through Jamal!!!
  • Jamal is turning into Luscious as we speak and if this is whats to come, Jamal will not be our favorite character much longer. But it’s amazing to see how he’s transformed into a totally different character. By the way Jamal is back with the swirly guy that left him for his culinary dreams and apparently the Australian guy is “a hoe” in Jamal words. I always knew they would get back together so i’m excited about that portion.
  • Hakeem is still….well Hakeem and waiting for Jamal to die so he can become the “King” of the Empire.
  • The Hostile Take-Over that Cookie, Boo-Boo Kitty, Andre, and Hakeem wanted to try ended up being shut the dog FUCK down because Jamal was clued in by a lesbian who was trynna steal the cookies from the Cookie jar, because apparently Boo-Boo Kitty’s cookies were a little stale. Luscious knew about it all and he wasn’t having it.
  • Andre and Rhonda killed Vernon and buried his ass in the back yard or somewhere and now he is sweating in his sleep and having nightmares and shit. Also she is allegedly still pregnant because you know I don’t believe the B is pregnant in the first place.
  • So remember last season when Cookies sister friend killed that man for Cookie on accident, well turns out Frank Gathers ended up getting locked up thanks to Cookie and Jamale (DeRay Davis) got his ass murked for killing Franks cousin, which in turn Chris Rock (Frank) cut his head off and sent it to Cookie as a warning! Then Cookie went and told Luscious and he worked his jail time magic and turned Franks goons against him and jail to kill him. So yes Chris Rock is dead and Deray Davis is also dead.
  • YA’LL DEAD WRONG FOR PUTTING THEM OUTFITS ON GABOUREY SIDIBE! Her hair was cute though, i’ll tell you that!
  • Jamal also said they he would never release Hakeem’s story and when I say he is dead ass wrong! But he is following the orders of the King of the jail house.

So to all my #Empire watchers keep tuned in because we all know that the season is just beginning and we have a whole 17 episodes left before the end of the second season. I love you guys for reading and I’ll see you next week. Also be ready for my review on our YouTube channel http://Youtube.com/Num1FameMonster247 and I love you for watching.


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