2015 #VMAS Live Posting

So it’s been a while and you miss me; YOU MISS ME!!!! Well i miss you more and what better way to come back, then with what i do best, SOME MESS! The 2015 #VMAS premiered live last night on MTV hosted by Miley Cyrus (BOOO) And what I wanna do right now is watch it and give you gives a live post as im watching! So I’m about to start the show. Come sit with me!!

So our girl Onika opened the show with a song I never heard before but I like it though!The creative direction and choreography was done by my mother Laurieann Gibson so you know it was AMAZING! It’s defintiely a Nicki Minaj performance with these elaboate costumes and themes. There was a lot of humping, gring and doing it ok! AND SHE DID THE P**** PAT!

She transition into “The night is still young” and it was a moment that seemed forced to me. They brought Taylor Swift out to sing the chorus and yes it was a cute moment but it just seemed cliche to me. No shade just saying. She looked great though. LEGS FOR DAYS! And as if things weren’t awkward enough, they did a chorus of bad blood together….and it was over. I’m pissed you know thats my song!

Nicki kicked it to Macklmore and Ryan Lewis who i didn’t know were still doing music….but none the less. They’re in downtown LA and is it just me or does this song sound just like Thrift Shop, i mean same dynamics and all. I don’t know who this old school group is but I know their voices. WHO IS THIS MAN THAT SOUNDS LIKE A GIRL?! Somebody tell me right now! Ok do ya’l mind imma just fast forward cause im over it.

Ok and in come our host Miley Cyrus on a rainbow slide. Looking like trailer park chic….I’m really just waiting on the moment people were telling me about when Nicki cusses her the dog fuck out. Oh look at Justin Bieber and his new hair. WAIT DID YALL SEE ASAP ROCKY GET READY TO DOGG HER ASS then they cut the camera. SHADE!Hey Jeremy Scott can i get some shoes. She said she took the year off from music, no honey you took the year off because your career is basically done. But i’ll allow you your time.

There is a small segment going on about how she make IG post, i don;t really care about…but i dont wanna fast forward and miss anything. This is stupid, wait they actually made this dumb post happen. Ok it’s over!

BRITNEY!!! HEY GIRL!!! OH MY GAWD SHE LOOKS AMAZE BALLS!!! Iggy eat your heart out! You can tell shes reading a teleprompter though. Ok best male video is going to: “Uptown Funk” Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson (as i predicted) Bruno is like the coolest man on earth! I wanna dress like him. IMMA HOOLIGAN!!!! HEY BRU BRU!!!

I’m so glad i recorded this! NO COMMERCIALS!!! YAAAAS!!! Miley what the hell does you have on!!! Never mind. Who is this man with this smooth as voice! Oh wait he’s introducing the Weeknd. OH THIS MY SONG YAAAASSSS!!!

See this is what i like. All he and his hair did was walk on stage, no carried on a moose. There is nothing on this stage but him and a mic stand! I love it. Im about to jam! (insert dance moves) WAIT THIS IS KANYE SONG HUNTY LMFAO!! The Weeknd is really jamming to his own song ok! And his vocals are good for all this jumping around he’s doing. FIRE!!! YAAAAAAASSSSS!!!!! He is dancing in a ring of fire! This is the simplest yet best performance ever. I know he hot as hell! That was cute.

Ok best hip hop video oh and my girl from Pitch Perfect! She is hilarious! And im not sure what that intro has to do with hip-hop about police but ok. So the award goes to….ONIKA FOR ANACONDA!!! I guess they said we better give this bitch this award or she gone turn the club up! She looks great in that dress. I love how she goes in and out of these voices. YO PASTOR!!! OOK BLESS THE LORD GIRL! WAIT WHOA WHOA WHOA WAIT!!! THATS THE MOMENT! WAS THAT PLANNED?! Miley watching her back like is she gone come and attack me! Oh no this wasn’t planned not at all. Planned would’ve cut the camera to make us think it wasn’t planned. (television mind trick 101)

ok more commercials! Ok were back with another Miley moment, She having a sleep over with Tyga, Juicy J and some other guy…..i’m over it, again! OOOOOP SHADE TO MICKEY MOUSE (MEEK MILLS)  MORE SHADE!!! OH SHE REALLY TRYING IT! SO THE LAPD KILLED BIGGIE!!!!! Don’t play with me! Really they are really pushing this weed agenda! WTF DOES SHE HAVE ON!!!

Big Sean and Nick Jonas hey boys! They’re the same height! And they can’t read the teleprompter. So Best Female video is going to: BLANK SPACE TAYLOR SWIFT and she beat Beyonce KANYE STAY IN YOUR FUCKING SEAT!!!!!Wait the camera man cut to Kanye!!! I know thats right. Her outfit is cute. WHO IS THIS MAN THANKING ALL THESE PEOPLE WHO WE DON’T KNOW! He just thanked the cameras! HIS MAMA THINK HE IN MED SCHOOL! OOOOOP

Her dreads keep changing colors! Im sick of her MTV next year, NO HOST! If she uses the word turnt again! And she wasn’t ready Hailey Stenfield. Demi Lovato is about to sing something….SING DEMI!!!! OK!!! Somebody turned her sex appeal up to 17 for this performance. I LOVE CONFETTI!!! Sorry had to say that. IS THAT IGGY!!!! SHE LOOKS CUTE!!! I didn’t know she was here!She got a taste for the cherry….is she a member of the LGBT?! HOW YOU DOING DEMI?! Whose cleaning up all this confetti lol.

HEEEEEYYYYY IT’S JUSTIN!!!!! We haven’t seen him in a while! Do me some good Justin! He sounds good.  SING BOY!!!! COME ON AND DANCE!!!! BOOM KACK!!! YAAAASSSS!!! He did the whip lol you betta show Chris Brown he aint the only one who can jump around. Oh is this that new song that everyone was holding up posters for. “What Do You Mean” I’m enjoying the visuals of this performance. Oh there’s even a testimony! Pass the collection plate! OH HE’S FLYING!!! I mean of course he’s wired up but you know the illusion. IS HE CRYING???? AWWWW JUSTIN!!! It’s ok we love you again!

JAMAL AND TEYANA!!!!! I mean Jussie and Sereya you know from Empire! Now Jussie you know I love you, but what the hell is this suit. I’m sure it cost more than I make in a year but that don’t mean you wear it. But i still love you Jamal! I don’t know any of these songs about a social message but Big Sean and Kanye and John Legend won…congratulations yall. I LIKE KANYE’S OUTFIT!!! COME ON!!! Simple, oversize tee shirt the pants the shoes! It looks like a potato sack but I love it. So i guess they said it’s best not to let Kanye say nothing. Good choice.

Here’s another Miley marijuana moment…..in other news Ne-Yo and Kylie! Kylie is gorg hate her if you want! TORI OMG I FUCKING LOVE HER!!! This is one of the only chicks with a guitar that can hold my attention! COME ON VOCALS!!! I like her outfit but I wish she would take that jacket off! But i guess that’s apart of her appeal! All she needs is her guitar and them vocals to give us life. SHE IS SINGING HER FACE THE F*** OFF! YOU BETTER DROP THAT BEAT AND GIVE US ACAPELLA!!!! DISRESPECT ME TORI!!!

Todrick I see you while i’m fast forwarding through these commercial! HEY TODDY! Now Kanye West is receiving the video van guard award…..ummmmmm imma let you finish but when i think music video the first thing that comes to mind isn’t Kanye West. But whatever. I’ll listen for now. OH THE IRONY have Taylor Swift present Kanye with the award right! lol KIM THEM BREAST IS SITTING HONEY! I see tears welling up in Kanye’s eyes….i know this is some serious stuff! LMFAO TAYLOR!!! I saw Kourtney and Kris soaking up that lime light too! HEY YA’LL!!! So how long until he starts the speech….just wondering no pressure. If he cried immaa go buy all his albums on iTunes right now. Still waiting for the speech. I can get a better look at this outfit though while he stands under the spotlight…still waiting. Kanye don’t go to no grocery store! I don’t believe it. As crazy as this may sound,  i’m actually agreeing with most of what he’s saying. Even down to the shoes this outfit is EVERYTHING! I’m sorry lol. Kim is gonna cry i see it. You can hear a pin drop in that room ok! Ok Kanye it’s going a little long. SWEAT STAINS! So i need to wear an undershirt when I put on this outfit. Ok this is going left he calling out MTV on they stage….where is the piano man. He makes a valid point. OH OK YOU CAN’T SAY THAT TAKE THE MIC!! TAKE IT RIGHT NOW! AND HE’S HIGH THAT’S IT! KANYE OR PRESIDENT! I’ll vote.

Ok after that 45 minutes speech, ummm ok Pharrell is about to do a song. Ok FREEDOM cute moment. I guess (you know i fast forwarded lol) Rita Ora accent is so cute! The winner of Artist to watch : FETTY WAPP!! I know like  one of his songs but that’s neither her nor there. CONGRATS FETTY! Ok ASAP ROCKY and some people are about to go on and my dvr is showing that clearly it didn’t record the whole show….so that’s the end i guess. Make sure you guys check out my VIDEO REVIEW coming to my Youtube tonight and as always I love you guys for reading and watching!!






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