KYLIE’S FINALLY 18…Tyga still a creep

So I know Tyga think that just because his girlfriend Kylie Jeneer finally turned 18 this week that we’re gonna leave him alone about being a Chester….SIKE!!! Anywho she had a lavish Kardashian style birthday bash and guess what her boyfriend leased for her!!! A 290,000 Ferarri!!! Now if you’re anything like me, your wondering, where in the hell did he find that kind of money!? Because the last we heard, A. He owed the landlord; B. He was sued some groupie from his porn company for exploiting her; and C. He owed the other landlord!!! So I just wanna know did he use Kylie’s coins to but Kylie a gift?! Anywho none the less, Happy Birthday Kylie girl! You know we love you, we just don’t like that clown your with!

Oh ya’ll didn’t know about Tyga little porn company?! YEA GIRL!!! I remember back when he a little cared about Tyga he started this random porn site and i guess they was “Eddie Long doing wrong” one of the girls and she said I will NOT be throwing it back and not getting the coins! SO SHE SUED HIS ASS! But don’t worry about googling it, it was on the level of Mimi and Nikko sex tape like BORING!!!

Blac Chyna you know had something to say about it! SHE CALLED HIM OUT!!! Now I don’t know exactly what she said because I just got off work and I don’t have a full cup of tea right now however I did read a headline that said, “Blac Chyna calls out Baby Father for lavish gift to Kylie Jenner”! And if you ask me, SHE SHOULD!!! I hope you paying yo child support and taking care of little King (is that the baby name cause I don’t remember)

Anywho I’m done with this story so let me know what ya’ll thinking about this entire situation!!!



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