Mickey Mouse (Meek Mills) vs. Drake

So i didn’t write a blog about this nonsense, however I did do a YouTube video about it because I defintely felt some kind of way about Mickey Mouse trynna come for Aubrey! Check out the video below!!!

So as of yesterday Aubrey released a new song “Charged Up” where sis politely crossed his legs and gave Mickey an ol fashioned Christian read! What I was expecting from Drake’s comeback diss was so below the belt, hit em where it hurts kinda reads but I guess he wanted to keep it moderately classy since he does have love for the little bastard! However I have extended an olive branch because I don’t like Mickey so I’ve decided to dig up a little dirt on Meek that Drake can use in his Part 2.

  • The fact that Meek’s album has been out for an entire month and still hasn’t went Gold (as according to the RIAA)
  • I believe in my heart , that he has hit Nicki even if at least once!
  • Drake’s net worth is currently 45 Mil while Mickey Mouse is sitting at 3 Mil! (That’s a read in itself)
  • Meek shares a label with Omarion….(also a read in itself)

Those we’re just a few point he can include and elaborate on. Here’s the thing, and what I’m willing to do for you Drake. Since Mickey said you don’t write your own raps, imma put together a few bars and you can tell me how you feel about them. I’ll just slide them under your door. Meek if you ask me, I wouldn’t clap back because as you did when Cassidy got that ass together a few years back, don’t go running away with your tail between your legs!


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