To My #Librarians

HEY GUYS!!!! This is so exciting to finally have a blog that I’m like keeping up with and constantly updating and things of that nature! For you guys who may have found me through the mess that I create (lol) or those who actually know me from my Internet Radio Show I want to thank you personally for following this mess! I love my celebrities and pop culture and it makes me happy that you guys are here with me in the Library reading along! Feel free to tell a friend about our blog and the good time we have here and also be sure to get your library cards ready because The Library returns in a few weeks in August! It’s been a whole month without talking to you guys, there’s been beefs, breakups and hookups! Scandals, drama and kaflama! And words can only express so much! I can’t wait to talk to you guys again! There is also a way to connect with me on our YouTube! We’ve been doing YouTube for sometime now and I always enjoying doing videos so click the tab ABOVE for our latest videos and be sure to subscribe and like and ALWAYS COMMENT with an ol’ nasty read! I love you for enjoying and taking part in the Library takeover and we’ll talk to you soon!!




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