Caitlyn Jenner WOWs at ESPYS 2015

Now if your reading this, you know what kind of business I’m in! I don’t know nothing about nobody sports and quite frankly I don’t care. However last night as I always say when my lane intertwines with sports, I must oblige and give the tea! CAITLYN JENNER SENTENCED ME TO LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE during last nights ESPYS awards! (which I Googled and is an award show for sports and athletes)


So the 2015 Arthur Ashe Award for Courage was awarded to Jenner and there was SOOOOOOO much dismay around the subject. Now here’s the thing, yes there was love and support but the amount of shade and hate I needed to address!

In particular someone posted, “How is Caitlyn Jenner an example of courage, and why is she being awarded at the ESPYS?”

So I wanted to take the time to address these questions and then post the video of Caitlyn’s acceptance speech in it’s entirety because she answers the question a lot better and more respectfully than I can.

#1 BRUCE IS THEE ATHLETE: The ESPYS are to celebrate athletes and to take away from Bruce’s accomplishments in the Olympics can’t be refused! Put aside how you feel about Caitlyn and look at the FACTS! This is a gold medalist! The ideal athlete! Being recognized at the ESPYS was long over due!

#2 Caitlyn=Courage: to come out of the closet as a member of the LGBTQ community is one of the hardest decisions to make. Set aside the transgender, to even be the alpha male to say, this is what I’ve struggled with an suppressed my entire life, and now as this public figure at 65 years old I am coming to terms with it and living in front of the entire world! Why does that not seem courageous. Why would you want to be ridiculed, criticized, insulted and shunned without gaining your freedom back! THAT IS COURAGE!

#3 The Speech: 

I believe that Caitlyn is well deserving of the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage and we can agree to disagree! I still love you for reading!


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