Chris Brown House Broken Into….Again!

Now we was sleep! And or minding our own business when last night Chris Brown BRAND NEW, like the ink hasn’t even dried yet NEW house was broken into! I know I just told ya’ll about the crazy lady breaking into his house maybe two months ago, but he sold that one and got this new fabulous one that he prolly gone have to get out of too! Here’s what happened according to some sources that are more credible than I, then I’ll tell you what I think happened!

chris brown new house

So around 3 AM, 3 masked gun man decided they were gonna roll up on the mansion probably not knowing that Chris Aunt who were gonna call Gloria since we don’t know her name. So Gloria heard some rustling in the bushes outside the house. So Gloria went to to door to go check on the noise (where was house security) and the gun man was like BREAK YOSELF FOOL!!! (I mean they didn’t say that…i mean i don’t know that was supposed to be in my personal story) So they shove Ms. Gloria back into the home, throw her in a closet, lock her ass in there and ransack the entire home! The police are saying that the thugga ruggas stole some stuff but we don’t know exactly how much worth of stuff. So when Gloria finally picked the lock from the closet, she called the POPO but you know LAPD; by the time they got there the robbers were well across town!

Now here’s what I believe went down! One of Chris people, friend, employee, baby sitter, cousin IDK but SOMEBODY from the inside KNEW that Chris had this party to host tonight and wasn’t gonna be home and tipped of some young tacky thugs to rob the joint. They didn’t know Gloria was gonna be there, but because I believe Chris knows these fools, decided not to hurt her, just throw her in the closet and get the good and be out! Chris I had a few points of advise for you that I hope you take seriously!

#1. FIRE EVERYBODY: At this point, clearly nobody in your camp can be trusted and because you don’t know who leaked your tea, I figure if you fire them all then we know we got the right one. But you gotta give them a pay out because it ain’t the innocent ones fault that you have a rat in your camp, so give them a respectable payout somewhere around 10k, that should be enough to hold them while they find new employment without struggling.

#2. NEW FRIENDS: And I mean clear them ALL OUT! Because you went through that little phase where you were convinced you were a blood, this could’ve been gang related, or it could be just one of your money hungry friends who probably don’t work just get a Chris Brown stipend every now and then so they don’t look broke hanging with you. THEY GOTTA GO!!!

#3. GET ADM OR ADT: It’s 2015! There is security services that could’ve not only prevent this incident from happening, but the last one too! And if you have a alarm system and you just foolishly forgot to set it, then you deserve to constantly be robbed!

#4. HIRE AT HOME SECURITY: I understand your 27….6 and you wanna live alone, but YOU NEED SOMEONE IN THAT HOUSE 24/7, 365 or 366 DAYS A YEAR! Gloria aint trained in kung-fu, tai-chi, nor is she packing so she ain’t no good to have house watching! She good for baby sitting, i’m sure she make a mean oatmeal!

On a serious note i’m just glad that baby Royalty wasn’t at home during this because I wouldn’t know what to do if my niece was tied up in this craziness! Chris, Mama is on Twitter again and she believes it was an inside job too! She just called me and told me to tell you to do ALL the things I’ve listed above!!! AND SHE AINT PLAYING! I’m just the messenger! Good Luck bro!


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