#RHOA 100th Episode Special

So on Sunday, the Real Housewives of Atlanta celebrated 100 episodes on Bravo! The episode featured past and present housewives discussing the show and what went down all the way back to 2008 when it started! Sheree Whitfield was apparently busy dreaming of Chateau Sheree because she didn’t show up for the celebration. It aint like she was busy….but i digress. We talked best dressed, worst hair, Kim’s singing career, Kandi’s tear, Cynthia’s finances, and Phaedra’s donkey booty. NOTHING WENT UN-TURNED during this one hour special!

What I’m not gonna do is sit and go through every single event that went down on the show. The shade was so real and I was here for it all!!

Let me just address something, Nene did not call Peter a bitch! She said, “You need to stop acting like a bitch.” That’s all but with that said moving on!

Now Bravo, I got a question. Why ya’ll can’t make programming this good because this little one hour was probably better than the entire last season!!! I’m however excited to see what’s gonna happen next season with the word that Sheree may returning and I will GAG!!! Make sure you guys are tuned in September will be here in no time!!!

rhoa season 1


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