#LHHATL “Blast From The Past” Episode REVIEW


Now I don’t know who Mona think she is but she dropped a new episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta on us this Sunday instead of Monday and I was pissed! But i watched and here’s what went down!

Rasheeda and Erica took it upon themselves to show up at the hotel where Kirk and his artist (and i use that word loosely) to confront what they believed was some cheat-age! Come to find out Ashley is a member of the LGBT community and has a girlfriend whom she was in her hotel room with her! Rasheeda you should feel like a damn fool because you dead ass wrong for blasting in her room like that! Little awkward but whatever!

The next scene we couldve went without because I don’t now nor will I ever care for Scrappy and Bambi story line. They’re boring and Mona take a hint, GET RID OF THEM!!! Then again…Scrappy need the money to pay Erica…ummmm I mean I want him gone but he’l probably end up in jail for not paying child support! He did however give Bam a key to his house…NEXT!!!

We jumped back to Rasheeda who went to talk to her husband/pimp in room 230! And she feel embarrassed as she should!

Mimi went to meet up with Jazzy Pha who hasn’t had a hit since Ciara left his side to talk about the antics that happened with Jessica Penny and Foxx girl! He wasn’t here for it and quiet as kept, no one is here for that “I’m so disrespectful” song she has! And btw what make Mimi qualified to be ANYBODY manager….just saying!

This is when I’m get over it! Yung Joc and that tellatubby Khadiyah are still trying to fix this situation and quite frankly i’m over them! Yung Joc is only with her because she can take care of him financially cause we all know he aint got no coins! Hence why he was sleeping down to Rasheeda and Kirk house. So he now all of a sudden getting a divorce after 13 years of marriage! The other woman was a fool too! Khadiyah girl, you was cute on Instagram with that colored hair but girl you be looking tore up from the floor up during these confessional!

WAIT THIS IS WHEN THE EPISODE GOT GOOD!!! Kalenna and Deb got into it girl and it got SERIOUS! Now here’s the thing, I don’t agree with Kalenna and the way she came at Deb cause at the end of the day, you came to her for help! Now Kalenna, you aint that boss! And you shouldn’t have come in there with that attitude because girl we didn’t know your name. We called you, that girl in Dirty Money, no not Dawn the other one! That’s it! So lets not toot your own horn hunty!

Scrappy Doo calls himself trying to pay Erica to stop taking him to court cause he running out of money for dry cleaning that one suit he got! I just be looking like where is Mama Dee!

Mimi met up with Fox who also believes she is a beyond amateur hour at the Apollo but girl I haven’t heard any music! She is cute though! Moving on!

I guess Rasheeda felt bad with a combination of stupid so she went to orchestrate Ashley’s photo shoot…for what, I don’t know! Then Joc went to tell baby mama number 4 that he wants to mess with KD and you know she was pissed! PSYCHO! Jermaine Dupree made a special guest appearance this episode, trying to work with Dime Penny and did a tacky performance of that ghetto stripper anthem! HE WASN’T HERE FOR IT!

Finally the end scene, Waka Flaka wife….ummmm….Tammy girl decided she wanted to confront Kalenna about the situation that went down with her and her Mama in law. GIRL HAVE A SEAT! If I was Kalenna….wait before I say that let me address, SHE WAS LOOKING GOOD!!! YAS TAMMY OK I WAS READY FOR YOU AT THE DOOR HUNTY! Now back to what I was saying, if I was Kalenna I wudda dragged you by them baby hairs for trying to check me over some adult altercation that aint have nothing to do with you! ESPECIALLY IN MY PLACE OF BUSINESS!! Rasheeda didn’t know what to do or who side to take!

I can’t wait for next week honey!!! It’s gone be good girl!! Tune in next week cause I’ll be here for another review of tea!




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