Brandy Giving LIFE without parole!!!

HOW DARE YA’LL NOT RECOGNIZE THE LEGEND THAT IS BRANDY NORWOOD SINGING HER HEART OUR ON THIS SUBWAY!!! Now i don’t care what old man has to say! To the man that said she needs to be more “over the top” Brandy has never been an over the top performer! AND THATS WHERE HER TRUE TALENT LIES! In that mellow sickening voice! SHE DON’T NEED ALL THAT EXTRA STUFF!!!

Them people on that subway were apparently deaf or just too young to know who Brandy is but I would’ve been able to spot that voice ANYWHERE!!! And whats with these artist singing on public transportation! I wish ya’ll would come sing on Cleveland public transportation cause Imma fall out! Tyrese is singing on buses coming to a city near you!



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2 responses to “Brandy Giving LIFE without parole!!!

  1. LOL that is so funny!! TBH I have my own headphones in whenever I’m on my NYC commute so I probably wouldn’t have realized that was her either.

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