Season Finale of “The Library”

SOOOOOOOOOOOO…..Tonight 7/9/15 is the season finale of North Coast Underground’s “The Library” hosted by ME Trey-Tonio! I have had such an amazing time doing our first season and I am even more excited to revamp and do even bigger things for next season! The Library isn’t just a mess…because it is 75% mess but my interaction with my #Librarians and the feeling of expressing our opinions and thoughts is what drives me to continue in this journey! We’re gonna be worldwide one day and I hope all my #Librarians who were with me from the start will be there to witness it! So this isn’t good-bye more of a see-you later. We’ll be back with all new shows in August! If anything it’s gonna be hard for me to go that long without talking to you guys! However you can always keep up with us here, our Facebook Fan Page which will be linked below and our Twitter!! We love you for listening and we’ll see you later in The Library!!!




P.S: If something goes down….YA’LL BETTER CALL ME!!! LOL
the library logo


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