Kourtney and Scott FINALLY Call It Quits


OK now that I’ve gotten my Tyra moment out of the way, onto the news. So if you haven’t heard by now, Scott and Kourtney have finally called it quits! Yes honey after nine (9) whole years and three babies! Now here’s where the grim details get messy and I have to step in! Now we’ve heard this story before, but this time when I say I think she is serious! Like this story was on Fox!!! AND E! IS REPORTING ON IT AND YOU KNOW THE KARDASHIANS RUN E! Here’s the story!

So Scott was down to Monte Carlo, harmless enough, however his ex-girlfriend just happened to be there with him! Chloe Bartoli is her name and she was photoed with the fool feeding each other pasta and laying on a cabana scantly clad!!! (grandma term of the week) Here’s what i’m thinking, some sources are saying that Scott was over this relationship with Kourtney nagging, but Kourtney has always been a nagger….this isn’t anything new?! So if he put up with it for 9 years then the rest of his life should be  cake walk right! I don’t like this at all!

And the worst part of this entire situation is that the next day after all this tihs hit the fan, this fool is still partying in Vegas telling people on his social media to come party with him!! Come on Scott, you were doing good for a little while and then you went off the deep end again for that show Kourt and Khloe Take The Hamptons. (The things they’ll do for a story line) WAIT AND THIS IS WHEN HE TURNED THE KNIFE IN KOURTNEYS BACK!!! Today is Penelope’s third birthday, HIS ONLY DAUGHTER!!! This piece of tihs had the NERVE to post this on Instagram!!!

scott carThe caption was the worst though!!! “I need this” NO HOE!!! What you need to do is get your life in order! You know what let me just take the time out to negate the facts and just read really quick! You a whole 32 years old with 3 kids! At what age does this whole “party boy persona” ware off!? Now granted Kourtney knew what kinda douche bag you were for at least 7 of the nine years ya’ll was together, that doesn’t excuse you antics! And I can’t wait to all those years of “turning up” start to hit you in the face! Those looks won’t last you very long! You trollop! And to you ex-girlfriend, you a scarlet too!!! I am so pissed off!!!

Ok back to black! Kourtney seems to be sitting pretty, she took to IG yesterday to post  sister selfie which she looks FABULOUS! So maybe she’s just glad he’s not her problem anymore! Good luck Kourt and Scott GET IT TOGETHER! AND ANOTHER THING!!! You entitled brat your parent’s i’m sure are turning in their grave because I know they raised you to be a better man than what your being right now!!! YEA I SAID IT!! kkk all white


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