You know what, when I grow up, I wanna be just like B.Scott because with the connections he got, when I say he get all the tea before anybody for some odd reason!!!! A young lady sent B a message claiming that he was cheating on Kylie with her and has been for almost a year and even going back 3 years to his relationship with Blac Chyna!!! And the message has the GOOD IN IT!!! NUDES!!! But allow me to thicken this plot just a little further. The women in question is TRANSSEXUAL!!!!! YAAAASSS GAWD NESSA GIRL (Funky Dineva voice) ITS ABOUT TO GET REAL IN CALABASSAS!!

This tea was literally served in the middle of last night because I awoke to my phone going AWF with hits about Tyga so i jump up like WHAT TYGA!!!! So apparently what we know about the woman is that she was a celebrity stylist “allegedly” and she was using that as her cover to becoming close to Tyga working on this alleged clothing line that he has! Now I haven’t seen any clothes and that’s probably for the best but i’m not one for judging! So Here’s some pics of the home-girl along with just a small amount of the text that she sent to B.Scott!

tyga transexualNow here is where I come in to help you Tyga! Cause apparently you’ve been caught with your pants down….(pun intended but if you wanna see sausage you won’t see it here. this is a family blog OK!!! lol) Tyga this could do you some good. Everybody is loving Trans-beauty right now thanks to Laverne and Caitlyn sashaying all over the world being fabulous so here’s what you do. Apparently Kylie wasn’t enough to save you career (i.e the 2,200 albums you sold) So go with this!! I guarantee you album sales will at minimum DOUBLE!!! So hat way your half way to 10k! I think he should just embrace what he likes because it’s clear, if she writes a book, YOUR DONE! So in the words of my girl Ariane from #LHHATL “EXPOSE YOURSELF BEFORE SHE EXPOSES YOU”!!!

Log onto LoveBScott to get a full cup of tea and see ALL the messages she spilled on our Pier One coffee table!!! And tweet #WhenTygaWakesUp for some laugh on IG and Twitter!


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