Tyga….tyga….tyga….sales ain’t looking good!!!

You may not know what this photo is of…well I didn’t either until i Googled it! This is Tyga’s latest album “Gold”….more like Bronze! Let me just discuss something really quickly! Before I tell ya’ll about his first week album sales (not much to talk about). While you trolling around with this seventeen year old, you need to be more focused on some quality music! THIS ALBUM SOLD 2,200 ALBUMS IN THE FIRST WEEK!!! If you multiply the people in Clark, Montana by 4 you still don’t have 2,200 people!!! You had ALL the Kardashians promoting this album, all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t help you sell this album so what do you do, you give it away for free!!! That was probably you best bet. But then you get an attitude on Twitter yesterday and call yourself blaming the label and everybody else but yourself for the terrible album sales. Here’s some prospective. KEVIN FEDERLINE SOLD MORE ALBUMS THAN YOU!!!! The only album I found that sold less was Heidi Montage and she’s not even a vocalist!!! Tyga what I suggest is you should be worried about this music cause at this point, your about to be known as Kylie’s overage boyfriend and that’s it!!!

tyga gold album


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