Sherri Sheppard to pay $4,100 to the DOG ex-husband Lamar Sally

So i’ve been quite quiet about Sherri and her husband and their antics as of lately, however it’s time to speak up!!! And i have receipts so don’t try it. So as of yesterday Sherri is now going to be paying her ex-husband Lamar Sally (never trust a man with a woman’s last name) $4,100 a month for child support for their 10 month old surrogate baby!!! But wait there’s more. When the baby turns 13, they gone kick it up to $4,600!!! Now let’s get messy as if it isn’t already. According to what I read, Auntie Sherri didn’t want any parts of this surrogate-ness! They both did do the whole embryo process so there are still Sherri-Lamar embryos chlling in a freezer somewhere. But Sherri is currently in court trying to make sure this man don’t go implanting these Yo’s into other women and making her pay more money.

Here’s my thing, and i did my research on this fool and he ain’t ****! He did some production on Sherri’s stand up show back in 2013 but other than that he aint got many coins to run together. If you ask me (and Sherri) THIS WAS A TRICK FOR MONEY!!! I’ll be discussing more tonight in The Library 7:30 PM EST!!!

sherri sheppard


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