Let’s Get Beyoncé a New Job!!!

So lets’s play a game (you know I love a good game) Which Marvel character do you think Beyoncé could play? Now why are we playing this game, we’ll rumors surfaced over the weekend that Queen Bey could possibly be in talks to join the cast of the Avengers. Now’s here’s my thing, I like my superheros to be people who don’t OWN and DOMINATE the world that they already live in. Meaning Beyoncé is TOO BIG of a star to play a super hero cause all I’m gonna think while watching is, “So when is she gone sing, or ALL MY SINGLE LADIES” But I’ll oblige the idea but posting a few of my favorite Femme Fatale super herons and you let me know which one (if you had to choose) you would prefer to see Beyoncé play! The first is Moonstone, the middle is Black Mamba and the last is Frenzy. (This is for my Marvel heads)






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