Chris Brown First Father Day/Birthday Bash for Royalty

It wouldn’t be a week here in The Library without a Chris Brown story and this weekend was Father’s day!!! Now for Chris this was his first Father’s day and as expected, he attention whore’d all over the WWWs!! Now what Christopher did that I will give him credit for is he combined her birthday which was last month that he missed because he was allegedly shooting a video with Pitbull (which I haven’t seen yet) with this cute little fathers day party!!!

chris brown and royalty pony ride

The party was for his side of the family basically and he went all out for his baby girl! Now see Chris, if you can be this Chris all the time, we wouldn’t have so many problems! He got her a unicorn, (which was a baby pony with a horn on it’s head but to her it was a unicorn, i won’t spoil it for her she might be reading). He also brought his little girl matching tiny tot vehicles as he owns! They’re so cute and little Royalty is so cute behind the wheel! Probably tearing her daddy’s house apart!


chrisbrown fatherday

Now listen to me Chris, this is the first “GOOD STORY” i’m doing for you! PLEASE don’t let it be the last! I actually enjoy talking about you without talking at you!


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