Rachel Dolezal…i’ve waited long enough!!!

I’ve been keeping quiet on this entire situation but I figured, it’s all everybody is talking about so I guess I need to weight in. So here’s whats going on for you all who are unfamiliar. Rachel Dolezal is a white woman who identifies as a black woman and is the president of her chapter of the NAACP! She went to Howard University, studied African American culture and was essentially getting away with being a “black woman”! Until her shady parents decided that OH NO MA’AM YOU ARE NOT! And did an interview outing her as a white woman to the world! Now why this is a big deal, I don’t know! Here’s my take on it! RACHEL

First of all, is it so far-fetched THAT somebody would wanna be black!? Ya’ll (some of ya’ll) dragged Iggy Azalea, Eminem (at one point) and ALL THE KARDASHIANS for their love of black culture…and men (in the Kardashian case) so why is this even such a huge debate?! I would think we would embrace somebody wanting to take part in our culture and be apart of the integration of the races…but apparently not. iggy

Secondly, If this woman done pulled this wool over our eyes this long, let her continue being black!!! It aint like she running around in black face being offensive! Shit if anything she is HELPING the black community by working for the NAACP and not just working but THE PRESIDENT OF HER CHAPTER!!! I had a Spanish teacher that looks just like her in this picture with this curly hair giving life so abundantly!! naacp

Lastly, to her parent’s, YA’LL DEAD ASS WRONG!!! Now there must’ve been something that went down with your daughter where she is ashamed of who she really is and is running from. You as parent’s are responsible for the mental and physical well being of your child so somewhere along the line of childhood YALL MESSED UP!!! I don’t know what it is but she said in an interview that a black man was her dad! So she doesn’t even acknowledge ya’ll two!!! WHAT YA’LL DO THAT THAT GIRL!!!

rachel parents

In conclusion, Rachel has as of yesterday stepped down from her position from the NAACP (STUPID) and is now trying to decide what box she wanna check on her un-employment forms! If you ask me, girl you better go get yo job back before they replace you. You aint hurting nobody, and if anything your spreading some joy with these #askrachel memes!!! I support the girl!!






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