Kawabu….Karruche vs. Chris Brown

Say hello to my gift that keeps on giving….Christoper!!! You done messed with the wrong one now! She done found her a back bone and when I say I got her back all the way to the bank!!!! Karruche, and yes from now on I will be using her God given name, and Chris got into a war on social media this weekend and you know who staretd it! Krash…i mean Karruche said, BITCH imma finish this!! So here’s what happened.

Christopher did an interview where he voiced his opinion on how Karruche is always talking about their relationship. He basically called her out for always discussing their relationship. Karruche put on her valley girl voice, bamboo earrings and an ol nasty red lip stick and got his ass ALL THE WAY TOGkarrucheETHER!!! Read this tea!!!

Now allow my messy ass to point out a few things in this read that she delivered DIRECTLY to his mentions!! Anytime a woman uses (___) you know whats inside them parentheses is a read!!! Especially when its a woman scorned!!! She also touched on the fact that Chris is an indecisive child (i just extrapolated that) when it comes to…hell LIFE in general! But she said it in a way that’s not as offensive. She also said that he broke a window….now I didn’t see anything about a broken window but that’s worth the drama and kaflama to look into! (and you know i will) And the hit that was a KO “MAN THE FUCK UP“!!! WHEN I READ THAT I SCREAMED “YAAAAAASSSSS READ KARRUCHE READ”!!!! Finally burying him with her work in that movie and things of that nature. 

So to Karruche, I applaud you, I more applaud you because to this day June 16th she still hasn’t deleted it! Like her punk ass ex would’ve been did! Chris at this point was a wounded duck so he went with the passive aggressive pity me post talking about how he cherished their time together and blah blah blah!!! I’m the words of the Puerto Rican Princess Joseline Hernandez “CRY BABY CRY BABY SUCK YA MAMA TITTY”!!! We ain’t hearing it!!! Karruche came for your head and she buried your entire BODY!!!! And i thoroughly enjoyed every single second of it!!! 


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