Iggy Engaged….(not buying it)

OK…this is one of those stories that I’m doing for ya’ll cause quite frankly i’m not buying this for free .99!!! Iggy Azalea (spell check) got engaged to her boyfriend of two years over this weekend for his birthday! The ring is cute and all but it looks just like Nicki’s except its in a square shape instead of a heart! So here’s why I don’t believe this. Iggy just canceled her tour that was set to hit the fan in September…after she canceled her other tour that was supposed to hit the fan in February! Now “Pretty Girls” didn’t make as much noise as they thought it would have (i still love the song but i cant move mountains with one vote ok) and ever since she’s been handling this fame thing very poorly i think this was a stunt! She doesn’t have much left, that one hit song “Fancy” she’s allegedly wanting to release a new album in 2016 but I wanna know….WHAT ARE YOU GONE BE DOING UNTIL THEN!!!! In a Rihanna world where you can release like 10 cds in a year YOU GONE NEED TO KEEP UP!!!! *SHADE* I think he did this to get some hype on her and to keep her name in our ears for a little longer cause I think the Iggy phase has run it’s course….NO SHADE!!! Just saying….None the less, congratulations Igloo and man i forget his name but it’s not that important anyway!IGGY ENGAGED


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