Be as mad, dry cleaned, vacuumed or swiffered as you will, GOODBYE BRUCE AND HELLO CAITLYN!!! When I got the alert about the photos of Caitlyn I was actually in the studios working on a project, I FELL OUT MY CHAIR!!! After i composed myself, I did a thorough look over and I said, WOW This was Bruce!!!! I told you guys a few weeks back that I was nervous about this entire transition thing because I just didn’t want her to look like him, but this is FLAWLESS!!! She did an interview where she stated that she absolutely wanted to make sure that she didn’t look like a guy dressed like a girl and when I say she absolutely did that!!! I can’t wait to see this docuseries on E! beginning on July 26 for 8 parts!!! With all the love and support Caitlyn has been receiving, of course there is some hate but tonight I’ll reveal my TOP 5 REASON CAITLYN JENNER IS NOT A PUBLICITY STUNT LIVE on air! So make sure your there for it! There’s so much more that came from this story that I don’t even feel like typing it all so i’ll just tell it to you all tonight!caitlyn jenner


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