Bobby Flay Marriage gets MESSY!!

I’ve been holding off on talking about this because I like my Food Network stars to stay exactly where they are…ON FOOD NETWORK!!! Being cute and cooking so bomb food! I don’t wanna talk about them in the Library but Bobby…..ITS GOTTEN TO THE POINT WHERE I HAVE TO!!! So Bobby and his wife of 10 years are going through this bitter divorce and its just getting absolutely WENDY WILLIAMS HOT TOPICS MESSY!!!! So the wifey, Stephanie is allegedly that Uncle Bobby is a CHEAT!!! And has been for sometime in their 10 years of marriage! Now here where I get an attitude!!! SOMEBODY EVEN SAID HE WAS CREEPING WITH FELLOW FOOD NETWORK CHEF AUNTIE GIADA!!! YES HUNTY EVERYDAY ITALIAN Giada De Laurentiis!!! Now ya’ll remember they were saying that he marriage was in trouble too for a little while but I guess they got back on track! So in more positive news, he received his star on the Hollywood walk of Fame yesterday and somebody petty ass decided to pay someone to fly a plane over the ceremony with a banner that read in big bold letters “CHEATER”!!!! Of course the wife is denying it but GIRL YOU KNOW YOU DID THAT!!! I NEED RECEIPTS!!! We got our eyes on ya’ll two cause if this is just the beginning then its gonna get better!!BOBBY FLAY AND WIFE


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