Baby Royalty Birthday FIASCO

This entire situation is really beginning to piss me off! The main reason i’m so pissed is because i wanna blame somebody but there are too many people whom I can blame! So yesterday was little Love Muffin Royalty first birthday so like most one year old….Nia Guzman (the mama) and King Ba (the boyfriend/step daddy/real life daddy) took her to Chucke-e-Cheese! Now somebody from her family is DRAGGING CHRISTOPHER!!!

According to TMZ a source close to the family is saying the Chris didn’t put in no coins for this little rendezvous and that Ba paid for the entire party. HE DIDN’T EVEN SEND A DAMN CARD according to this source! However he di show his love on his Instagram but she can’t take that to the bank and do nothing with it!

Now its time for the blame game. Chris shouldn’t no other man be paying for YOUR DAUGHTER birthday party and that’s just that! ESPECIALLY when your Chris Brown and got it! AND YOU SHOULD’VE BEEN AT THAT PARTY!!!

Nia you trifling for allowing that man to sign that certificate, and allowing him to continue to use your baby as a prop for social media!

King Ba or can I just call you Ba? I appreciate a stand up man that will step up and take the place but they way your going about it is making you out to be an attention whore! Not to mention if you were a real man you would take your name off that certificate and still be the “PRIMARY” father figure in that baby life!

Now Chris is saying he couldn’t be at the party because he was shooting a video in Mia…but you knew when this baby birthday was so you should’ve made arrangements!!!! I’m done! I’ll do more reading in the library tonight!chris ba and royalty


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