Mr. & Mrs. Mendeecess Harris!!! (FINALLY)

After eight long years and like three season of Love and Hip Hop New York, our favorite couple Yandy and Mendeecees FINALLY got married last night LIVE on VH1 and it was just as cute as we thought it would be! Now i did have a problem! Yandy girl, I wasn’t trying to be sitting watching no two hour wedding special. I guess that really wasn’t her call but I’m blaming her only because she’s the woman! Now lets get into these details!

yandy and mendeeceesThe one great thing about this special was the fact that it was live! So anything that could’ve went wrong, had it went wrong we would’ve been right there to watch! Luckily for the couple nothing to major went left. Yandy best friend Kimbelle was running a little late but that was probably the worst of the night. The guest list included ALL of the Love and Hip Hop franchise crews! AND I MEAN EVERYBODY! From Hollywood down to Atlanta, we were all in attendance. The Puerto Rican Princess and Steevie J were in the mix (which was surprisingly seeing that those rumors of Joseline cheating while he was in rehab hit the net over the weekend) If you ask me, Mona Sjoseline and steeviecott put that in their contracts that they had to show up for a check that’s why they all showed up. Also proving their relationship strength was Moniece from Hollywood and Rich Dollaz from New York. After the one and off again Instagram beef it was best that Jhonni Blaze stayed at home….

Yandy allowed the viewer to choose her dress which was really cute, and expensive!!! 35,000 EXPENSIVE covered in diamonds and crystals! She shined like a diamond and was gorgeous. Thisyandy wedding dress was Mendeecees first wedding of his life and ironically it was his own. He admitted to not being “that guy” he just wants to show up and shut up. Which was probably best for him anyway The dark cloud in the room was when Mendeecees admitted that he had the on-going case against him that may prevent him from being home with his new wife for long. Yandy also said she wanted more kids, two to be exact within the next 2 years! Which means somebody has some work to start doing like now! Expect a pregnany announcement before July and a new baby sometime in February! You heard it here first!

K.Michelle sang as the bridal party walked down the isle didn’t really care much but she sang beautifully. Everybody was dressed to kill! The ceremony was beautiful and i’m just glad it over! I feel like this was my wedding!!

For behind the scene details and extra clips, head over Love and Hip Hop: The Wedding


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