Chris Brown….ughhhh and Tyson Beckford

I don’t even wanna sit and talk about this but I have an obligation to do so! Christopher is being a toddler again and this is getting old! So over the weekend while were having BBQ’s and enjoying our Memorial Day’s, Christopher was throwing hissy fits due to a picture of his ex (that he cheated on) Kawabunga Karruche!!! When I tell ya’ll Chris got in his feelings like he treated this girl like a QUEEN!!! He went on to Twitter and the tirad began! The tweets clearly show Christopher all up and through his feelings like the girl child that he is!



chris brown tweets 1chris brown tweets 2 So you know in true Chris fashion he A. didn’t @ Tyson and of course he deleted the tweets almost immediately because that’s what cowards do! So when somebody showed Tyson the tweets he decided to do the more manly approach and directly tweet Christopher with an open invitation to Vegas where he is performing his residency as a Chippendale dancer.

tyson beckford tweets 1Now here’s where ya’ll have to keep up ok! Chris had a show in Vegas so he was already coming to Vegas so when he got there “ALLEGEDLY” he sent his “Blood Gang Members” on the hunt for Tyson to which we received this Instagram post from one of his clown ass friends.

chris brown wack friendsIn response to all the shenanigans, Tyson posted a video of him shooting the club up at the gun range!!! APPARENTLY HE ABOUT THAT LIFE! He also took to his Facebook to explain exactly what he meant when he posted that video with the following quote, “You n****s are on my d**k right now. F*** you n****s. I’m scared of y’all?” Sarcastic clearly!

Christopher…sis please go have several seats. You mad cause that man took a picture with your ex-girlfriend who clearly ain’t thinking about you not now or anytime soon! And THE LAST thing you need to be worried about is some other man! You need be worried about the child support people knocking at your door when Nia come from them coins!!! Tyson wins this battle!

Our friends over at The Shade Room are all over this story! Be sure to check out their website below for the latest on this mess!

The Shade Room


Guess whose crying wolf…..check out his tweets below!!!

chris apology tweet 1 chris apology tweet 2 chris apology tweet 3He makes the damn sick!!! 



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