Does Janet Jackson fan base have a name….??? Like the ‪#‎Beehive‬ and‪#‎LittleMonsters‬??? Anyway JANET FANS REJOICE!!! YOUR QUEEN IS EMBARKING ON A COME BACK!!!

On Saturday the singer/actress released a tweet including audio telling the whole wide world, (including over there where she lives now) that she will be making a comeback this year. Sjaneto what does the comeback include exactly? A world tour, new album, and apparently a new “movement”!

For those who have been keeping count, its been seven whole years since she released an album. Which might i add didn’t sell the way i’m sure she expected it to. (No shade) Cause let’s be clear, I LOVE FEEDBACK AND ROCK WIT U!!! So i’m here for this but lets just be crystal clear when I make these next statements.

Janet Jackson is already an ICON! Her discography page is highly respected among the industry! However, I don’t see it for a new album. I just don’t need it if that makes any sense. I would LOVE to see this world tour though and here’s why! I know shes gonna sing all my favorite songs and I get to feel like a kid again. (That’s when Janet was REALLY poppin when I was between birth and 10)

Nonetheless I’ll always give a new album a listen cause I can’t judge what I haven’t listened to. So come on back Auntie Janet and show these young girls you still got it!


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