BillBoard Music Awards 2015 REVIEW


Taylor Swift “Bad Blood” Promo

Ok so I told you guys that your homework was to watch the Billboard Awards this Sunday (yesterday) and I was there for it….. most of it. So lemme give ya’ll the best parts for me from the show. TAYLOR SWIFT!!!! Not only as predicted by me did she walk away from the show with HALF of the awards she was nominated for, but she opened the show with the premier of her new single “Bad Blood” featuring Kendrick Lamar!!!! Now lets be clear, ya’ll know I never seen it for Kendrick Lamar but add Taylor into the mix and I’M ALL IN!! He added just enough to the song and video to give me life ever so abundantly. AND THE VIDEO WHAT!!!! She needs an award for it in itself. There was cameos from a slew of industry women such as Zendaya, Hayley Smith, Cindy Crawford even stopped by!

Now catch these teas on this song though. Allegedly the song is about Katy Perry!! RIGHT!!! I didnt even know they were beefing but apparently they are. Here’s why! Allegedly back before the 1989 album had really took off, Katy was trying to sabotage Taylor’s tour by hiring a bunch of her people to work for her!!! SHADY RIGHT!!! So now she can’t trust her as far as she can throw her cotton candy bra!!! But we’ll talk more about this mess in the Library on Wednesday….back to the show!!!


Sam Smith Acceptance “Speech”

Now about the rest of the show! Sam Smith couldn’t make it due to the vocal hemorage that he has. He was in NYC recovering from surgery but sent in a cute little message for the viewers and the stars. He took home three awards all together last night!

Nicki Minaj bored me, (no shade) The Empire cast performed two songs from the show “Conqueror” and “You’re So Beautiful” and I was PISSED!!! I love those two songs but when they said MEDLEY i was expecting more than just two songs! But for only four minutes, I’ll take it!

Ya’ll already know I don’t like Kanye West and last night just made my disposition even more clear. So Kylie and Kendall Jenner introduced him and got BOO’d!!! Then again i Think they we’re booing Kylie cause…well you know why! But nobody

Kanye Perofmance

Kanye Perofmance

should feel any kind of way about Kendall! So anyway he got on the stage….with this great ball of fire! You could hardly see and and you definitely hear him because unless you were there, it was editing for tv! The censor person needs a RAISE after doing that performance! He could’ve stayed at home.

Other than these few moments the show was pretty much a blah…6 our of 10 from the Library! We’ll discuss some more on Wednesday night 7:00 PM EST!!!

For a full list of winners visit BillBoard Awards Winners



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