Kim Richards Likes Rehab?!

Ok so maybe she doesn’t necessarily like it but none the less, the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star has decided to stay 90 more days in rehab. However she has some conditions!

You guys remember last month Richards was arrested at the Beverly Hills hotel for trespassing, resisting arrest, public intoxication and

Kim Richards’ Promo shoot from 2011

assault on a police officer! Immediately and when I say immediately i mean she was arrested on Thursday morning April 16, the following Wednesday she was already on Dr. Phil’s couch claiming not to be an alcoholic!

Richards has battled with alcohol abuse since her run began on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2010 along with her sister Kyle. The drama that surrounded her and her struggle propelled ratings for the show with the less than regular behavior along with the drama that the liquor brought into her life! However I guess Dr. Phil was able to talk some sense into her and fixing her life, not only for herself but for her four children as well.

She’s been at the Malibu based rehab center for approximately a month already and she has been making progress according to Radar Online. They also exclusively learned that she has signed on to stay for an additional 90 days however will leave the facility only for her daughter’s wedding which is out of the country but will return immediately when she returns.

I guess things are looking up for our girl Kim! We love her when she’s sober, we love her drunk too but sober is best for her! Good Luck Kim! But for old time sake, check out the alleged video of Kim doing an interview DRUNK with ReelGay TV.


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