Tyga GrandMomma Drama

While the rest of us were enjoying our Mother’s Day weekend, Tyga was being DRAGGED all up and through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and everywhere else by grandmother of his baby by Blac Chyna! GrandMa Chyna wasn’t very pleased with an interview that Tyga’s Grandmother did addressing his current relationship with Kylie Jenner. In the interview she says, “Kylie is a much better fit for Tyga.” She also goes on to address how amazing a family Kylie comes from in reference to her famous family the Kardashians. Well, when Grandma Chyna caught wind to all of this, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!blac chyna and tyga

The tirade began with a long post where she basically dissected the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan! She included jabs at Bruce Jenner’s current transition into a women, the obvious and quite tired Kim K sex tape jab, and even took shots at Kourtney and her relationship with struggling alcohol abusing baby father Scott. She went on to take shots at Khloe and her relationship with rapper French Montana and her marriage to alleged drug abusing Lamar Odom! NOBODY was safe this weekend from Grandma Chyna OK!!!

The mayhem continued when she began posting videos on Instagram addressing her comments. In the video’s she stood by her statement and justified them with “protecting her daughter and her good name“.

Early Sunday morning while we’re all having brunch with our mamas Tyga somehow stumbled upon all this mess and began to address his son’s grandmother sending a tweet saying he doesn’t approve of Chyna or her mother airing family dirty laundry to which Chyna rapidly replied saying, “Tyga Do as you say… and don’t address family issues over social media.”

Tyga has also been under the knife for an alleged $90K in back rent to which he denied the claims saying, “Don’t believe everything you read”


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